How to go about modelling a boulder / rock

Hi, i'm fairly new to Rhino 5 and i want to design a boulder / rock shape. I'm wondering what would be the quickest way to achieve the shape and also the surface detail on the rock face? something similar to the attached image:

Any help would be great, thankyou

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Why bother designing something that has been designed by somebody else, go to 3D Warehouse: , type in boulder and press enter. A range of rock designs are available. A great thing about Rhino is that it will open any Sketchup 6 drawing, so look for a rock with "open with Sketchup 6" and download direct to Rhino. You will end up with a "Mesh" rock.
Explore Sketchup, if you see something you want to download that is Sketchup 7 or 8 then just download Google Sketchup, open the file in Sketchup and then save it as Sketchup 6 and then open with Rhino.
Have fun

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