How to have a full versioan of solid works 2017

i want to have a full version of solid work sir , i have a trial version for solid works 2017 , can you help me for share link for full version ?

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5 Answers

The SOLIDWORKS site has a resource to find the nearest Value Added Reseller:

It looks like there are two in Indonesia, but different postal codes could yield different results.

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oke so thanks sir. you have link to download free ? hehehehe
i dont have a pay pal and others

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ohh i haave solid works 2013 to , can you help me to active tha simulation and motion ? it dont works at windows 10

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So you are asking for a pirated version here? :|

I don't think it is the right place to ask the question and also I would suggest to find possible legal ways like Student Version or some other way than pirating it.

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im sorry sir :( im just a student sir .

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