How to i make a vise for a circular piece?

Hello to everyone, i am new into drawing and skething, and i need some advises from you. I have a circular piece, and i need to make a vise which blocks the piece and vertical drill does the hole in middle of it. What kind of design i need to make to have the stability to keep piece in place. Thank you :D

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Just use two vee blocks on the main diameter. The Vee blocks wil register against the lip and provide clearance for the larger middle diameter. To be exactly horizontal, use some parallels under the vee blocks if the Vee blocks are not big enough and the part rests on the bottom.

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Can't open .sldprt, i'm CATIA user. Attach a picture or universal format like .stp please.

But in general, round parts are safely held in a V block. The V block can be put in the mill vise horizontally or vertically (for holding a round bar horizontally or vertically) against one of the flat jaws (fixed jaw preferably to ensure accuracy).

Doubling the V blocks ensures even greater holding power, but robs capacity, and the V blocks should be screwed as an atachement to the vise jaws as the 3piece assembly lacks rigidity having this 3piceces in line V block-piece-Vblock

Another way to hold really tight on round things is in a collet block. (but you need a tightly fitting of a collet on your part) - for small diameter round parts.

It all comes down to how many you need to drill. I assume you are looking at the small hole in the side of the part. If you are only drilling a few parts they could be held in one of the machine vices and maybe Vee blocks and clamps that are part of the standard tooling around the workshop. If you are dealing with the need to deal with a large number of parts making a more elaborate fixture that locates and holds the part and guides the drill on a manual machine or if the part is going to be drilled on a CNC machine consistently locates the part in the same place and removing finished part and loading can be a quick process.

To get a more exact solution quantities involved needs to be added to your question . I have added a step file version of your part to this reply

Thank you for the answers, it doen't matter how many pieces i will have to drill ,i just need to make the vise for this piece to be blocked and to have all parameters ok to get the hole in it. The piece has one single hole. I think i found a vertical vise, but i don't know how will the drill do the hole because of the space... but i hope it will be ok. Thank you a lot for help !