How to identify the assembly file & it child parts.

A new problem i got in uni graphics files.
u know that in unigraphics nx all 3d model, sketches, drawing & assembly are saved in same format that is .prt format.
I got a lot of ug prt file in a folder & Now i need to identify that which file is the top main assembly file & which are its child part.
need any option to identify without opening each of that.

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Hi Rupesh, I'll explain this with a simple example this will related if you have three files or twenty files.
I have a directory with the part files 'bolt.prt', 'nut.prt' and 'washer.prt' if I want to know which is the parent and which is the child open any part, I chose to open the nut.prt, the procedure is as follows:

Answered with a tutorial:

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This problem can be solved in a much easier way. just have a better naming system for your parts/assemblies/drawings. example: I have a chair, the full assembly could be called "Chair, Assembly" then each part can be called things like, "Chair, Left Arm, Part" or "Chair, Left Arm, Drawing" a descriptive name can make a ll the difference, and the computer will store them alphabetically which is nice for organization. you could also try numbered names. Example: the chair is Item number C3582, but each component part would be C3582-01, C3582-02. And even then you can add text so, C3582-01 (Left Arm), C3582-02 (Right Arm). Also the folders you store files in. One assembly, one folder.

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