How to import 3D PDF file to solidworks

Hi i'd like to know how to import an already existed 3D PDF file in solidworks or convert it to a 3d file type that can be opened with SW ?

1 Answer

Simlab Composer can convert a mesh based (u3d) 3D PDF to another mesh format SolidWorks can read. However, 3D PDF exported from MBD applications are not supported yet.

It's possible SolidWorks MBD would import 3D PDF, though I cannot confirm that myself.

As long as you do not need MBD support in your 3D PDF files, Simlab in my opinion is the most reasonably priced solution. If you did need MDB functions, there are solutions from SolidWorks, Anark, Tetra4D and others, but there is a significant increase in cost.