How to import 3ds in Solidworks

I have files made in autodesk 3ds max. I need to import the files into SOLIDWORKS final assembly. But I have problem. I tried all the export type of 3ds max : but nothing can be done. when open the files : solidworks open emty files.

please, help me. I thing I need translation the object into solid, but did not know how. or maybe need some converting software.

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could you please explain how to use the mesh prep wizard in order to convert the mesh to editable features?
Thank you!

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I tried several files format. For small not complex objects it could be exported from 3Ds max to AutoCAD´s DWG file then - import to Solidworks using its standart import option - import as 3D model curves, but sometimes it does not work either. Also you can export from 3Ds MAX as STL file - it openes perfectrly in Solidworks - you can se and rotate the model, change general apearence of the part (not faces) but you can not render them and no editing could be made... I also browesed for some convertors on internet - they were not helpful - in some forums people say that even payable programs are useless. I am still looking for better solution. If you know how - send me a private message.

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Before exporting, you can use the STL Check modifier to find out if your model has any holes or gaps. STL files work best when there are no holes.

Select the objects you want to export to STL.
Click the Application button and choose the Export option. A dialog appears.
For Save as Type, choose the Stereolitho (*.STL) format. Enter a filename and click Save.
On the dialog that appears, choose the Binary option.
Check Selected Only, and click OK to export the file.

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Export as ".iges" file in 3ds Max. You can open in SolidWorks

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