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How to import Altium step file as one part instead of an assembly of parts?

By Leap Motion on 21 Mar 23:42 1 answer 0 comments

Is there a way to import an assembly step file as one imported surface part instead of an assembly of parts in SolidWorks?

I receive printed circuit boards step files created using Altium from my electrical engineers. The problem I have noticed when importing these step files is that different parts have the same names. In other words, Solidworks will populate 2 different printed circuit boards with 2 different connectors using the same part names. This creates a big problem next time I open up the assembly. The wrong connector might populate on the wrong board.

The only solution I have found so far is to rename every single part, but a simple pcb assembly will have tons of capacitors/resistors/connectors... It takes a long time to rename every part.

I am hoping there is a much better way to solve this problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

1 answer

  • Rob Warburton
    Rob Warburton 5 months ago

    I've not had a problem with parts sharing the same name, but I don't like dealing with a PCB as an assembly - my method is to import the PCB STEP, then save the PCB as a part. This also helps to fix the component and solid body locations.

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