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How to Import Cad file in Ansys Workbench ? with out translate to Stp/Igs....

By ghasem mousavi on 31 Dec 17:22 4 answers 4 comments

I want to show you how to import Cad file such as Catpart/sldpart,... in Ansys workbench ..
when you install ansys you should check this options , but if you forgot or ....
follow this step.

My Ansys version is 14.5 and it work in all version upper 12
step 1:
Start -> all programs -> ANSYS 14.5 -> Utilities -> CAD Configuration Manager 14.5

( Run with run as administrator )
step 2 :

In tab ---> 1) cad section tick workbench and ansys gemoetry interface..
2) in Cad products tick Program that you need to know cad file for ansys. such as : Catia v5 , solidworks ...

3) click to next

step 3:
when you click on next you went to cad configuration :

1) click on configure selected cad interfaces

now you see front of you proga that choice ...." Configure Success "

click on exit and Enjoy this :D

4 answers

  • Hiren Patel
    Hiren Patel about 2 years ago

    What if it shows a ''configure failed''. Can you please help me with this problem.

  • hyperloop
    hyperloop almost 2 years ago

    CatiaV5 WorkBench Reader ..... Configure Success
    SW Workbench PlugIn ..... Configure Failed -- Registration Error

    what should I do for SW, even its registered ?

  • büşra ayan
    büşra ayan over 1 year ago


    If i press CAD Selection,Ansys Products so Workbench and Ansys geometry interface doesn't seem. I just see Autocad , Catia V4-5-6 , Pro Engineer,Inventor,JT, NT ...but there is not Ansys Products. What can i do?

    Thank you from now...

  • Prabhat Ranjan Dubey
    Prabhat Ranjan Dubey 6 months ago

    Build your component in SolidWorks
    1. Draw the desired beam in the SolidWorks
    2. Export the file into IGES format
    File > Save as > Change the file type to “IGES (*.igs)” > Click “Options” > Change
    the “Surface representation/System preference" from "Standard" to "ANSYS" > Click
    "ok" to close "Export Options" > Choose the folder and the name the file is saved >
    Click "ok"

    Import file in ANSYS window
    1. File Menu >Import > IGES > Click ok for the poped up dialog box > Click
    "Browse" and choose the file saved from SolidWorks > Click ok to import the file.

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