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How to Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks?

By Diego Montero on 03 Oct 14:32 20 answers 175711 views 18 comments

Does anyone know how to import files from sketchup to open, for example, in solidworks?
I tried the export menu but I don't recognize any of the formats as being something I can drag into SW...
If anyone know any plugin or program (free please!), please tell us :D

20 answers

  • Scott Bruins
    Scott Bruins almost 6 years ago

    I have tried this before in the past and really haven't found a good way getting useable CAD data from SketchUp models. The best way may just be to use the dimension tool in SketchUp and re-draw the component in SolidWorks. I made my SilverStone TJ07 this way.

  • Marcus
    Marcus over 5 years ago

    Done, I will uploade this assembly so how it was exported that all can have a look how good or bad this tool work
    Here is video tutorial :
    Model is here : Tatra 815 crane Sketchup to SW tutorial

  • Robert Lansdale
    Robert Lansdale almost 4 years ago

    Mesh to NURBS is the #1 most mis-understood problem in the entire 3D graphics world, and especially on forums where most people have little understanding that this process cannot be done. I get this question 3+ times every day since 1996 and write a 5 page response to all people. Rather than send that longer + more detailed response, I'll refer to this posting. Most people on forums don't believe my comments but that is due to lack of understanding about mesh vs. NURBS/solids data. There is no magic to importing mesh data into SolidWorks, and all those cheap plug-ins from India just pull the wool over your eyes. My IGES exporter has the same "trick", which I added in 1994, to turn each triangle into a bilinear NURBS surface but that would never be used by anyone.

  • Diego Montero
    Diego Montero almost 6 years ago

    @w.wolf : Thanks for the answer!
    I browsed the page a little bit and I found this:

    "The plugin's output is compatible with the following CAD/CAM programs tested so far:
    DXF: Cambam, Sketchup, A9CAD
    STL: SkeinForge, FreeMill, Vectric Cut-3D (evaluation version), Roland Modela Player, Boxford's 3D GeoCAM."

    I don't have any of these programs... But I'll keep looking for something to export to SW :D

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee over 5 years ago

    Hi there, a bit late to the conversation but I have also been curious about this conversion. I read somewhere the previous version of the free google sketchup before v8 could export dxf(/dwg?). If you can find an older copy of the free v7 you can try this.

  • Patrikurn
    Patrikurn almost 5 years ago

    i use spaceclaim to open all format 3d drawing then i can repair curve, surface and i make it solid. after that save as to other format step,iges,parasolid,catia,pro e etc.
    try it ,nice software.

  • 54f3f4a0
    54f3f4a0 over 4 years ago

    Just use the plugin "iges_export" to export the file in IGES format for Solidwoks.
    then makes the recognition of features.

    Paulo Bubolz

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  • charlin
    charlin about 4 years ago

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  • Noppadon
    Noppadon about 3 years ago

    Hello Diego Montero, thank you very much.

  • heath lock
    heath lock about 1 year ago

    hi, i had this problem a while back and i found the only way was to convert the file to an stl. here are the steps:

    go to file and click export to dxf or stl

    change the units to whatever you want

    choose stl file instead of polyface mesh

  • Patrikurn
    Patrikurn about 1 year ago

    Now using SpaceCaim , can convert sketchup to other cad is easy

  • Austin R.
    Austin R. over 3 years ago

    Hello Diego Montero,

    Good question! you are interested to know about Sketchup files to SolidWorks, then visit here This may be help to you...Thanks for posting.

  • Kiike Villarreal Sarmiiento
    Kiike Villarreal Sarmiiento almost 5 years ago

    voy a intentar esa manera, por que ya llevo mucho tiempo intentando importar este archivo de Sketchup a Solidworks

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