How to Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks?

Does anyone know how to import files from sketchup to open, for example, in solidworks?
I tried the export menu but I don't recognize any of the formats as being something I can drag into SW...
If anyone know any plugin or program (free please!), please tell us :D

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I have tried this before in the past and really haven't found a good way getting useable CAD data from SketchUp models. The best way may just be to use the dimension tool in SketchUp and re-draw the component in SolidWorks. I made my SilverStone TJ07 this way.

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I've searched for a while for this, every plug-in that I found was quite expensive ...
However, I found this:
I didn't try it since I don't use SketchUp but I hope it helps ...

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This theme has already been here, I have import some sketchup models in SW :
Maeba MC 285 Mini Crawler Crane in working mode and Maeda MC 285 Mini Crawler Crane in transport mode
I see that I must make a video tutorial.

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Done, I will uploade this assembly so how it was exported that all can have a look how good or bad this tool work
Here is video tutorial :
Model is here : Tatra 815 crane Sketchup to SW tutorial

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Mesh to NURBS is the #1 most mis-understood problem in the entire 3D graphics world, and especially on forums where most people have little understanding that this process cannot be done. I get this question 3+ times every day since 1996 and write a 5 page response to all people. Rather than send that longer + more detailed response, I'll refer to this posting. Most people on forums don't believe my comments but that is due to lack of understanding about mesh vs. NURBS/solids data. There is no magic to importing mesh data into SolidWorks, and all those cheap plug-ins from India just pull the wool over your eyes. My IGES exporter has the same "trick", which I added in 1994, to turn each triangle into a bilinear NURBS surface but that would never be used by anyone.

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@w.wolf : Thanks for the answer!
I browsed the page a little bit and I found this:

"The plugin's output is compatible with the following CAD/CAM programs tested so far:
DXF: Cambam, Sketchup, A9CAD
STL: SkeinForge, FreeMill, Vectric Cut-3D (evaluation version), Roland Modela Player, Boxford's 3D GeoCAM."

I don't have any of these programs... But I'll keep looking for something to export to SW :D

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1) you can export *.skp to *.dae. Then use Blender 3D ( for converting *.dae to *.3ds
2) FBX Converter ( dae-> FBX, FBX->3DS (OBJ)

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Hi there, a bit late to the conversation but I have also been curious about this conversion. I read somewhere the previous version of the free google sketchup before v8 could export dxf(/dwg?). If you can find an older copy of the free v7 you can try this.

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i use spaceclaim to open all format 3d drawing then i can repair curve, surface and i make it solid. after that save as to other format step,iges,parasolid,catia,pro e etc.
try it ,nice software.

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Just use the plugin "iges_export" to export the file in IGES format for Solidwoks.
then makes the recognition of features.

Paulo Bubolz

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Hello Diego Montero, thank you very much.

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hi, i had this problem a while back and i found the only way was to convert the file to an stl. here are the steps:

go to file and click export to dxf or stl

change the units to whatever you want

choose stl file instead of polyface mesh

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Now using SpaceCaim , can convert sketchup to other cad is easy

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See my video that I explain correctly how to do, if you stay with doubt contact

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Hey there,
do the following steps in order to convert your Sketchup file to a stl one and then try opening it in SolidWorks or CATIA.

1) Download sketchup software here:

2) Install and open the Sketchup 2018 .exe

3) After clicking " Start using sketchup pro 2018" and choosing a template, it will finally run!

4) Download STL extension from here:

5) from the running sketchup program, go through this directory:
Windows> Extensions Manager> Install Extension

6) Then put the stl extension file you've just downloaded in the browse box and click ok.

7) Now open your sketchup file and through this directory convert it to a stl file:
File> Export STL.

hope it helps.

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voy a intentar esa manera, por que ya llevo mucho tiempo intentando importar este archivo de Sketchup a Solidworks

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Hello Diego Montero,

Good question! you are interested to know about Sketchup files to SolidWorks, then visit here This may be help to you...Thanks for posting.

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