how to import solidworks file into ansys 15?

how to import solidworks file into ansys 15?

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save the file in step/iges/sldprt/sldasm format and just file->import it into ANSYS workbench.

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The answer is already posted on other related topic. But I will reload the explanation: if the ANSYS is installed on the same computer with SW, than on SW must have an ANSYS icon on toolbar, and when you will activate him, then will export direct the model in ANSYS DesignModeller without other conversion. If the ANSYS is installed on other computer, export the model first as parasolid and second as iges. Observe that after import you will have surfaces instead of body (if you will observe that some components from your assembly is made through surfaces, suppress those surfaces of that body, and export from CAD only those components which present and poor export, with respect the global coordinate system from CAD assembly).

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You may have a link in solidworks itself for importing the model into ansys15 workbench!!

I found difficulty also when import a model from Solidworks 15 to Ansys 16.2!