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How to import the model to Fusion 360?

By Pakee Chan on 27 Mar 02:34 3 answers 1 comment

How to import the models of the direct files, such as Rhino(.3dm), SketchUp(.skp) or others to Fusion 360?

3 answers

  • G. Carter Stokum
    G. Carter Stokum over 1 year ago

    unfortunately those then to be local to the application that you're making them in, and have lots of data that only needs to be used by That program. So, you would normally Export a file in a more universal format, not just save as the .blender or .sketchup format. That said, it's best to save in those formats while working on the file, it's usually safer and more stable, export once you're ready to take it to something else.. like here ;)

  • Chirag Chopra
    Chirag Chopra about 1 year ago

    you can easily open files in fusion 360 just follow this

    Use locally installed translators to open files (these methods will work while in offline mode): Use the New Design from File command in the file drop down menu. This command supports file formats: Autodesk Fusion 360 Archive Files (*.f3d)

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