How to imprint logo Coca cola to bottle


After creating components (cylinders) with the plane of rotation to create a certain distance from the main plane of the assembly, which by means of a sketch insert a logo image (Image 1).

Icon to insert - Sketch -> Insert-> Picture (Image.2).

If necessary, change the size and position of the image to create the part (figure retains its original aspect ratio). After that, just finish the sketch - Model-> Create, find icons Decal (Image 3).

In this function, simply select desktop and file (Image. 4). You'll also find: the first Chaining Flat decal is placed across adjacent areas and 2 Wrap the surface-determines whether wrapped one or more curved surfaces. Once the decal fine used, press OK.

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2 Answers

you can created a new plan parallel to the bottle and put the image in it , then from create menu choose Decal to paste an image in the bottle.

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