How to insert a drawing on a bottle in solidWorks 2012?

I need to insert a photo on a bottle,like a sticker or a label.
Like in an attached picture,the bottle isnt the matter,I just need the steps how to attach a picture on a circular surface.

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4 Answers

1 pixel will import into solidworks with a size of 1mm.
If you use a transparent image format like PNG, it won't matter much. But you can resize the image once it is a label. Just make sure to maintain the aspect ratio.

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Search the help file for decal. I think SW2012 allowed for decals, but I can't remember.
If you are doing a rendering, I'd apply the decal in the rendering program.

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Thank you for your time,but I found a problem about decals.What about pixels and length and width?
that's the biggest problem there.

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