How to install CATIA properly?

After installing CATIA V5R21 64 bit version on my laptop, it is not working. It shows a dialog box titled 'RUN time exception'. Please suggest some solution. Thanks in advance.

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5 Answers

If it is crack version then

1) install catia v5r21
2) put JS0GROUP.dll in %installdir%\intel_a\code\bin
3) have fun

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Where is %installdir%\intel_a\code\bin located at?

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Can someone share catia v5 17 crack file.
Either please give send the file via mail to or provide link for downloading the same.

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I'd like the for catia v5 r18 32 please?

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hi. pls send me crack catia v5r21 x64 for win 8.1

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