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How to install Pro E Wildfire 4.0 in 32 bit windows 7?

By sureshbabu on 05 Nov 06:00 4 answers 20957 views 1 comment

I am struggling to install pro/e 4.0 in my laptop.I dont know whether the problem is in set up file or something else?

4 answers

  • Kapil Nehra
    Kapil Nehra almost 4 years ago

    My dear friend,
    Do all these steps:
    1. First of all you have to run setup.exe.
    2. See the host id on your setup screen at the left bottom corner and note it.
    3. Go to crack folder and open the license file with MS Word.
    4. Find the host id-00-00-00-00-00-00. and replace it with your new host id N
    save it in your documents.
    5. Give the path to your locked license file from your documents.
    6. finish your setup after done next-2 many times.
    7. Now open the crack folder and there will be 3 files for patch.
    8. click on it one by one to patch the files from pro e in program files: the path will be like such as : \\C:\program files\pro e wildfire\ i486\bin
    9. now patch all of these 3 files...

    After sometime you will be able to run pro e 4.0 in windows 7...
    But take care with one thing.. "you must installed a graphics card of at least 512 MB in your system "

  • Abhijeet
    Abhijeet almost 4 years ago

    what is the problem you are struggling with, is not clear. the procedure to install the program should be there in the folder. if you are using a cracked version, the crack files are necessary. if you can connect me with teamviewer i may try to help you out.

  • Mrbudak
    Mrbudak almost 4 years ago

    1.please check whether your pro-e 4.0 is for 32 bit version.if yes you can proceed and if no you have to find a installer pro-e 4 32bit version

    if you got 32 bit :
    all installation module for proe is same..but the location of folder will be different

  • Run msc
    Run msc about 2 years ago

    hi i had to finished installation but not open the programm. that stage will show "license request failed for feature PROE_200-8 :"
    How to fix the error pls help me???

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