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How to install Siemens PLM server for NX 9.0

By S K Gautham Prashanth on 14 Mar 05:29 4 answers 1 comment

I installed NX 9.0 long ago and everything was just fine. But I didn't open the software for a long time until now and the software was not working, so i uninstalled it. While installing it again, when i install the Siemens PLM server, the following error shows up even though i 'run as administrator'

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4 answers

  • Pavithran s
    Pavithran s over 2 years ago

    on you tube you get the installation video

  • Lum Pi
    Lum Pi over 2 years ago

    Have you fixed your problem? I have the same one. If you could manage to install the license server can you please give me some information how you did it?

  • Mohammad Osama Quddus
    Mohammad Osama Quddus over 2 years ago

    Try un-installing both NX and its License Server module. Use a good application removal tool to clear out any registries from the faulty install and then start by installing the license server followed by NX. It should work.

  • saul Maynez
    saul Maynez 10 days ago

    I got this error message, tried updating Java with no success, anyone has knowledge on how to fix this?

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