How to interpret this drawing of a Clamp Base and it´s radiuses?


I cant get the modelling right of this drawing. Some questions I have:

1) How do I know where the center of the circle lies of different radiuses? E.g. R13 and R26.

2) How can I know how far out the line that is above and below the R13 can be moved out from the centerline? In my model I can move this freely and the end result of course vary alot depending on this.


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To my eye it looks like the R13 is concentric with the Dia. 8 thru in the middle, and 2 centerlines 14 degrees off that vertical represent 'symmetry' planes for those tapered portions of the lever, and the R26 (and the R6) is just a blend between the two surfaces.

I bet it looks pretty close if you set it up like that.

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I am sorry, I dont get it right in my head. To my knowledge of Center Lines they have to be projected outside a feature or part to which they refer. Since no one of the Center Lines goes outside this part they cant show symmetry? The Center Lines in this part only shows the center axes of the part and the center of the holes?

The vertical CL I actually dont know how it is used or what it refers.

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