how to join two different sections?

This is an modeling core part of elbow..i have drawn two sections and one guide ..please tell me how to join this sections...i have attached ug part file

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7 Answers

I would personally use Styled Sweep instead. It gives better shape and superior control over the shape.

Easing the G1 (Position) tolerance gives smoother transition between the sections. No need for additional sections in my opinion.

Answered with a tutorial:

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samu's answer is better than my answer. so i have add another tutorial.

Answered with a tutorial:

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thanks gcom..but the sections doesnt join smoothly

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but the drawing contains only these sections dimensions only

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Samu plz tell me how to join these sections ?I have tried this by using Through curves.

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Gcom im currently using NX i cant open ur plz help me .

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