How to keep revisions in SW2015

Hi there,
I'm trying to keep a backup of previous developments. So, if I failed to proceed with a new part in an assembly, I would look back to resume the last good condition.

Now there's a grave problem, SW2015 (that I'm using) the parts and sub-assembly are tightly linked and the parts are modified even to the previous saved state.

Is there a certain way to break these links, and make sure that no parts will miss any reference?

I used Pack&Go, but seems that is not able to fill the gap.

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If you pack & go without changing the name/prefix/suffix and wish to switch between the old and new part you will need to completely close out of Solidworks, and refresh the program, before opening the file again. SW has a problem differentiating between the two file names, and if you do not close out of the program it will continue to try and reference the first model opened within that SW session of that specific name. I believe this may be the issue that was making it appear that your new parts are being linked to the previous saved states.

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Thanks I'll try to follow your suggestion. Probably I was doing as you mentioned.

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