How to know if a CATIA part was made with a pirated license?

Hello all,
I am working with a subcontractor that uses CATIA. How can I tell if he is using a legit license from the CATParts and STEP files he sends me?
Thank you very much.

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Hi friend good morning!!

As far I know, when the file is on .step or .iges or crg file, is not clear if it was made on legal license, or pirated license, because theres is an small icon, that said .model, and don't have the history I mean all the modifications in the 3d model. Another option to know if there is a Pirated License is asking to the subcontractor if he can send you the model, with the history NOT .STEP. and if you are using pirated license, is going to brake some links, and you will get some notifications or something like that. But in conclusion is very didficult to know when the file is on .step. cgr. or .iges.
or another person can give the oppinion about your issue.

Another thing that we can do, is if you want to send me a model by here, I can check it, in my computer, and let you know what happened.

I hope my comment had helped you.

Best Regards.

Have a good day friend.

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