I'm wondering where or how I can learn to use NX8. Classroom style classes would be best, But any suggestions someone might have would be greatly appreciated.

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1. do you have any CAD experience? if you do then just start using NX and ask questions about how to do this or that on
or you can ask some of NX engineers here on GrabCAD...

2. if you are starting with CAD, then try to find some NX 4 or NX 5 installation, and google out some of old Seimens teaching materials that is still on internet (i am positive that there is book about NX5 on net, so just try to find it), then learn basics with that. after you learn basics, install NX8 and use first advice :)

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Thanks, I'm experienced CAD programs. I'm most comfortable in Inventor or solidworks in terms of 3d solid modeling, but have yet to use NX at all. I've used CATIA a few times and Pro/e and they seemed much more similar to NX8 than other modeling programs. I know its a very powerful program so I thought I'd like to jump in and learn it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look.

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