how to loft an octagon to a rectangle?

I'm new to solidworks.
I'm trying to model a simple object which has a octagon base and a rectangle top.

How do I do that?
I have tried loft & boundary cut..but can't get it done..

Attached is the sketch with photoshop.

Any advice is appreciated.


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hI Vintz,
what you have to do in add guide lines from the corners of the rectangle to the octagon using 3d sketch, Then when you loft seclect these guide lines and it works out Ok. I just tried this and it works, if you still have problems i'll make a tutorial for you.

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Did you try lofting an octagon sketch up to a rectangle sketch above it on a parallel plane?

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You could also start with the octagon extruded with straight sides and chamfering the 4 larger upper edges.

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Hi aaron, thanks for the input.
I tried lofting the octagon to rectangle but it turned out odd.
Check out the photo. (Sorry, my pc is not connected to internet atm :( )

Chamfering doesnt work either. :(

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Thanks heaps, John! It works!
Thanks, Aaron!


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The easiest way was to draft the extrusion from the base sketch. The second easiest way was to chamfer the edges of a straight extrusion from the base sketch. Lot of added steps in the model the loft it.

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