How to make 3D cut between two slots?

I need help in making a cut that allows the bottom slot to rotate into the side slot along a 2D rotation. I am looking for help on how to make this type of cut so that when an object (the same size and shape as the the two slots) is in the bottom slot it can rotate into the side slot along the rotating path. The rotating path is a 45 degree axial rotation along the radial center of the slot along the Y axis, as well as a 45 degree rotation from the Y axis to 45 degrees between the Z & X axis'. Any help would be most appreciated.

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2 Answers

Can you draw both profiles on the appropriate sketch planes and loft cut them together with a few guided lines?

Sorry, I opened the file but it is still not 100% clear as to what the final product should look like.

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Attached is the piece that goes into the slot, as well as the slot with what should be the cut it just will not fit the profile of the fitted piece. My question is how do I make a profiled cut for the fitted piece that allows for the fitted piece to rotate from the (-Y axis) to the (-X,-Z axis), all while rotating -45 degrees along the Y axis. In other words the fitted piece pointing downwards ends up where the side wards fitted piece begins, while the side wards fitted piece ends up pointing upwards. The cut should look like the cut in the slotted piece yet will allow the fitted piece to do both rotations at the same time. Any suggestions?

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