How to make a better dots on a unshaped surface ?

Hi , guys
As you see I have use a top plane to make the curved dots on a unshaped surface that don't go well.
Are there a way to make this dots as the same direction of the surface.
thanks in advance

the part is SW2016

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2 Answers plans needed.
Create a 3D sketch with only points of intersection, points to be coincident with the surface and make a repetition piloted by the 3D sketch.
The trick is that a sphere (hole) needs only one point, and a point has no direction.

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I hope somebody has a better and faster answer than mine, but you should be able to do this by making each cut tangent to the surface. I have attached a sample with six holes in it.
Each hole needs an axis or direction of travel. Each hole needs to be on a plane normal to that axis.
I linked each sketch by using derived sketches. This way, the other sketches will update if you make a change to the first one.
I also linked the depth of each hole by using a named value (depth). Now updating the offset cut distance in the first hole drives the others.

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