How to make a cylindrical cam-follower mechanism in pro engineer 5?

how can I make a mechanism of a cylindrical cam-follower in pro e? i have designed the cam shaft and the piston but am unable to develop the mechanism. i have attached the parts and the mechanism i want to develop.

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I looked at your parts and can't seem to figure out how they are supposed to go together. I work for a Bearing Manufacturer that specializes in Cam Followers. I see the Cam on the longer shaft. What is the Piston for?

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You can't use a cam for this mechanism in ProE but a combination of gear function to correlate the linear motion of pistons and rotation of the shaft might do the job.
Are you looking for a Mechanism Dynamics simulation or just an animation to display how it works ?

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I've projected a circle on the camshaft sliding surface to obtain the sliding trajectory of the piston contact sphere.
I've also created a point on the piston spherical area and used the curve and the point in in slot function in the assembly.
Here is one short movie with one piston.

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take slot constrain for making the pistons and cam in contact. so that you can construct the mechanism.

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can i know where this kind of mechanism is used. i am confused
if it is from reciprocating to rotary or rotary to reciprocating.
have not find any where this kind of mechanism.

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