How to make a flatt pattern drawing 2d of multibody sheet metal in SolidWorks

Problem is in sheet metal multibody.
I need drawings of flatt paterns with bending lines for CNC bending machine.

When i have part with one body (sheet metal) in making 2d drawing i have flatt pattern option in pallete of views. In easy way it can be inserted in my drawing.
Unfortunately when I add some sheet metal bodies this option is GONE.........

I can make a dxf drawing of each body ( right click on body & make a DXF)
I put DXF to laser cut.
But I also need drawing of flatt pattern with bending lines for CNC.... In solidWorks.....
I put 4 pictures:
01- one body sheet metal part
02- one body sheet metal drawing window
03- two body sheet metal part
04- two body sheet metal drawing window

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1 Answer

Add model views of your file
Select configuration and body you wish to display
Copy one view onto drawing sheet
Property Manager orientation select flat pattern

Same for other bodies

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