how to make a flexible tube ? ?

I have an assembly in which i have flexible hose which needs to alter its
shape during simulation. The hose pipe's one end is connected to a tank
whose position is ascended and descended to particular limit and the other
end is connected to fixed structure. So, I need to have the hose pipe
continuously altering its shape as the tank is descended or ascended

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2 Answers

Do you create the tube with points and lines?
Start the tube part with all points but not the last point. Then Assemble it.
Make a point in the tank at the place of the end of the tube.
In the assembly switch to the tube part (double click). Make the last point by clicking/choosing the point in the tank. Finish the tube.
It will change the length when the tank moves.

(Please excuse my English, I'm still learning...)

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I have forgotten something. I don't know if the tube is straight. When I have bended tubes, I make two points in the fitting (you: tank). One at the end of the tube and the other about 20 to 40 mm in direction of the axis. Then I choose in the tube part those two points (you must be in the assembly but double cklick the tube when you cklick the points).. Then ist the last piece of the tube every time straight. (That's when you would move the tank up or down.)

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