how to make a flight of screw

what would be the best way to stretch the split type circular plate to form a flight of screw?

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i got your point sir. but what i mean is that, how can we determine the diameter of our materials to get the final diameter of our screw. ex. i use Ø340 as the approximate diameter of our material then if we stretch that material hopefully we can get the final diameter of screw which is Ø380. i have here the attached file of a final profile of screw. hopefully you can help me giving the best idea/technique in solidworks.

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I'm not sure how to do what you are asking in solidworks.

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I made a helical surface, extruded up to it, knit surface on that, then thickened the knitted surface. It's probably a little weird in the holes, but perhaps it is close enough for what you're doing.


Answered with a tutorial:

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