How to make a mate between a set of weights and a pulley ?!

I'm making a gym machine for a college subject and i cannot make the weights lift

My problem is I can't mate the pulleys with the weights , can you help me please ?

I have 3 days to deliver this :s

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Not very simple to answer.
Need to know the exact shape of the two identities you want to mate, bit I think it needs to be a concentric mate. If this doesnt work you can always make a "ghost" entity. Two shapes that you CAN mate, and than hide those shapes.
Hope you'll succeed.....

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the machine has 5 pulleys but for now i'm trying to make it work with just two.

i made a gear mate between the pulleys but now i can't find a way to made the weight ( which is just a rectangular block ) to follow to rotation ...

Maybe I could draw a line , representing the imaginart cable as the path the weight should follow , but still how will the weight lift ?

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Sorry mate, i wish i could help but i do not know.
My only suggestion to you is "just try" or use the help function.
This will sometimes work.

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I'm completely blocked ... i've tried every type of mate ... i'm missing something :s

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