How to make a mold tool

how to make a mold using the final product

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"How to make a mold tool"
using the final product

Answered with a tutorial:

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Yes you right , this is "how to make cavity tool".
but first we need a cavity. Isn't? :)
My professional project includes draft analyses, injection simulation, and all that is needed.
But this is not my professional work
Thanks and good luck

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No disrespect to the author but this is not a 'how to make a mould' tutorial but rather 'How to use the Solidworks cavity split tool.

Moulds are highly complex pieces of engineering and require specialist knowledge. This article does not address any of the following issues:
- location/centralisation
- ejection
- draft
- cooling
- material injection/transfer (eg. hotrunner, etc)
- venting
- mould materials
- support platework

These are all critical to the correct functioning of a mould. Another issue is that of the actual article. Unless it is very small it would be moulded as a hollow object; this greatly changes how such splits can be created.

Lastly, many people (myself included) use boolean operations to create such splits. This article does not address that.

Again, this is not meant to disrepect the author. He is a great designer and a fantastic contributor to the GrabCAD community.

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Aqil Ghaffar
That's right, you're absolutely right. In this case, I wanted to show the operation of combining two bodies, This is just one of the ways.
I will soon make tutorial using tool features.
Thank you very much, I respect your opinion

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i think it can be done by just using the indent tool feature in the solidworks 2012?

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Great tutorial and very useful.
Good Job, Verislav

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Great tutorial!! Anything that can create a part from a cavity is defined as a mold despite what Sebastian states. Instead of bashing this tutorial perhaps he should address his concerns with his own tutorial.

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thanks good job,,, introduction I am Dehen Wijaya Anggono from Indonesia country...thanks for attention

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