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How to make a pipe with different radiuses on their end

By Sylwester Ma on 09 Jun 21:19 9 answers 2 comments

I'm a beginer in Catia and would like to know how to make a similar surface model as in attached screenshot. The have different radiuses on their end and the right plane is at an angle to the base (xy plane).
If you have an answer, or know a link to a tutorial, please explain step by step.

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9 answers

  • vinoth
    vinoth over 3 years ago

    Hi ,

    Here i attached the parametric model .. please go through it.

    Note: while doing multi section , Closing point 1 and closing point 2 arrows should be in same direction. and the closing points in same line then only it would come without any twist....


  • Sylwester Ma
    Sylwester Ma over 3 years ago

    Thanks vinoth for your help i accually did manage to repeat my steps but still very nice from you to help me! Maybe your file will be much easier then what i came up with. I will gladly go through it.

  • varad bhuvad
    varad bhuvad over 3 years ago

    In generative shape design, you can use adaptive sweep. Adaptive sweep helps to sweep same geometry (say cicle) but with different c/s. (here in this case with different radii) . Hence you can achieve pipe with different diameter.

    Please be free to ask any doubt


    example for adaptive sweep.CATPart, 363 KB
  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir over 3 years ago

    multi section solid or multi section surface. check it in youtube.

  • Sylwester Ma
    Sylwester Ma over 3 years ago

    If it was that easy i would find it out by myself. Here are my results with multi-serface sections tool and sweep tool.
    Still need help...

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir over 3 years ago

    In first picture you need to replace closing point by clicking them right.

  • Sylwester Ma
    Sylwester Ma over 3 years ago

    Thank you for answering. But as i am a beginner i do not know how to change those closing point. As i clicked with my righ mouse button i can see something like "change/edit/remove closing point" but it seems i'm not skilled enough to know how they work.
    After an hour of trial and errors i finally did it... If i can repeat my steps again i will add a small tutorial how to do it again... Maybe i will help someone.

  • Muhammad Najmi Ibrahim
    Muhammad Najmi Ibrahim almost 3 years ago

    @Sylwester Ma, TQ very very much!!

    It really worked. And by understanding your 4 steps, I actually got a better understanding on the parameters for multi-section solid in "Part Design".

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