How to make a slotted assembly slide together?

Hey all, sorry but I am still pretty new to all this jazz. I am trying to make a block move horizontally while it is attached to a guard. This guard needs to be able to move inside the other guard, which in turn needs to move inside the other guard to ensure they all move in concert when the block is moving. I am having trouble mating them so that I can do this. I have heard the recommendation for a path mate before but I was just hoping for some input from the community on here. I have removed all of my personal mates that were not working, so now they are just mated in such a way that if you slide one you can see the intended action.

I know things are a little sloppy, so bare with me :-)

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1 Answer

When you add your mates, you can use advanced mates rather than standard mates.

Answered with a tutorial:

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