How to make a solid from a JPG or PNG image in solid works?

Hello i had an Logo in a JPG AND PNG format, this logo was created on Photoshop , but i need make a solid works Sketch to make it an solid and created a trophy with a CNC machine, i dont know how to export that logo and make the sketch on solid works.

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SolidWorks has an Auto Trace tool that sometimes works (Tools - Add-ins - Auto Trace). To use the tool, you'll need to place your picture in a sketch. So start a sketch on a reference plane, then use Tools - Sketch Tools - Sketch Picture.
If that does not work well, you may need to manually trace and sketch the logo. Depending on the complexity, this could go quickly, or it could take a long time.
There is another program called Vector Magic that I often use to convert images into DXF and DWG vector formats. It works much better than the Auto Trace tool, and it usually much faster than manually sketching the logo.

As Wilhelm suggested, upload the image and it will be easier to give more detailed advice.

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I know Corel had a program a while back called "CorelTrace" - this will give you a 2D dxf file.

Else, you can do it manually. Why not upload the image - maybe we can give it a try?...

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Inkscape tracing tools is work the best than any other software. You can check my tutorial here:

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