How to make a solidworks part manufacted using CNC?

How to teak a part design in SW and manufacturing it using CNC

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There are many shops on the internet who are readily available to machine one part at a time instead of making a large number. Contact a machine shop and find out what file type that need as some can use a SW file and some need a STEP or IGES. Having a part made is very easy these days.

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If you have access to a CNC machine yourself, you will need to look into programs like SolidCAM, and concepts such as "G-Code". It is possible to learn and apply these tools yourself, and if you get it working (and are lucky enough to have CNC machinery on-demand), you can save some time and money by transferring the designs yourself.

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You can use HSMXpress ( to create G-Code directly from a SolidWorks file.

HSMXpress is a FREE CAM system for SolidWorks that is very easy to use!

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