how to make a surface tangent to 3d-curve

can anybody plz help me how to make a surface(i created using 4 point patch under free style)tangent to the 3d-curve(boudary created using GSD).it doesn't have to be like the same method as mentioned above,my main intention is to make tangent to the curve using free style.i've tried under gsd but results are not getting as i expected.any short tutorials will do fine but before... plz see the attached

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2 Answers

Do you want the surface to be tangent to the surrounding surfaces, or just touching the curve? Making it tangent to the surrounding surface will not work well because there are creases in the surface. But making the surface just touching the curve will be easier. Just close off the ends of the curve with a line and use Fill with point (g0) continuity.

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I'm sorry I don't understand your question about tangent surface to line. I saw your attached picture, it seem that you want to create surface on rear-end of car (Am I right?). If that, use boundary blend or fill surface.

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