How to make a textured grip in Solidworks? (see picture)

As seen in the picture, I'm trying to make the top section of the handle a grip. The entire curved handle is one part, so I'm just trying to modify a certain section. The cutouts follow the curve of the handle, so it isn't just a cut extrude. Does anyone have any ideas? I tried projecting a curve onto the handle and using that to cut, but it doesn't allow me to do multiple cuts at once. Help!

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This is a piece of cake with the 'split' command.

First, sketch a series of vertical lines, as shown in the attached picture. They do not need to be continuous, patterning the sketch may be useful here. The idea is one line per step change in the handle geometry.

Use this sketch for a 'split' feature, and select each of the pieces of handle between the sketched lines to add them to the resulting bodies list. Once finished with this feature you should see many 'solid bodies' in a folder near the top of the model tree appropriately named 'solid bodies'.

Now perform a 'move face' command with the 'offset' option on each of the pieces that is to be recessed. Set the value to the depth of the recess, and check 'flip direction' to make them offset inward. These must be done one at a time. Once you're finished with them all it should look very close to what you're after.

Next, use the 'combine' command with the 'add' operation type and select each of the bodies. This will stitch them all back together into a single body.

Finally, finish up with some fillets and you should be good to go!

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