How to make a threaded hole?

when making a model of an object with threaded holes. Are the holes just annotated or does one create the holes threaded in the model? For example, how would one create the model for a 1/4-20 tapped hole?

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Download my model »Trumpet Mouthpiece With Changeable Rim« and you'll get the solution how to model a realistic inner thread. Change the pitch and the geometry of the thread you want. I think it's a good template for all types of inner- and outer threads. My model has been created in »PTC Creo Elements Pro 5.0« and the "native" file of the complete assembly has been shared. Have a look at the model tree and you will know how threads can be modeled, using PTC-Software.
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Roland Schneider

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go to option . , documnet properties, detailing, make shaded cosmic thread on

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