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How to make a wheel roll on a surface in PTC CREO 2.0?

By Cad User on 30 Sep 16:58 2 answers 0 comments

I'm trying to make rocker bogie assembly to climb over the obstacle; however, I cannot make the rocker bogie wheels roll. I created cam contact and created servos at the wheels, but when I run the simulation, wheels just spin about their axis and don't go anywhere. Does anybody know how to make a wheel roll on any surface?

2 answers

  • Yusra
    Yusra almost 3 years ago

    there has to be friction for rolling motion. otherwise they will only slide on the surface.

  • rakesh
    rakesh over 2 years ago

    You can not roll the wheels on surface with pin type mechanism on wheels.
    But you surely can slide the surface w.r.t. wheels rotations. Its a tricky job!
    Best of luck.

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