how to make abody for rc car from acrylic and cutting it by laser cutting?

what is the file format saving to cut by laser cutting ?
how i use acrylic material in solidworks and know the weight of the body?

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RC car bodies are usually vacuum, or thermo-formed from a sheet of material.
Maybe you could post an image, or better description of what you are trying to cut?
A laser cutter most commonly cuts 2D shapes from a sheet of material. I guess you could cut several flat pieces, and stick them all together to for a 3D object, but it seems an uncommon method.

You could set the material in SolidWorks to Acrylic in the feature tree, but you could also adjust the parts mass properties to simply have a density which corresponds with your acrylic.
SolidWorks keeps moving the measurement tools between releases, but check under tools - evaluate - mass properties.

If you didn't set the density of your part, SolidWorks uses the density of water by default, so the measurements will be useless... Unless you design things out of water.

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For Acrylic Laser cutting you should have all the parts of rc car body plotted in a 2d diagram in corel draw form.Also you can group the parts depending on the thickness and make different sheets as per thickness.Once cutting is done you can glue the parts together as per assembly.

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