How to make acrylic screen guard for monitor(displays)

I am working on project that which i want make acrylic screen guard to monitor,Monitor which I fixing in the door .please suggest me that acrylic which i going to use need hot glue fixing or by screw fasten to panel.and also what type of gasket (silicon)need to use prevent water leak

2 Answers

Use Hot Glue fixing because it is going to be stick to the screen and take the guard which is some what more in length and width which helps in perforating inside the walls and keep the screen safe. Even though we use screw fasteners they don't show efficiency in water tighten

House the acrylic in a bezel, backed by a gasket, the type of which is totally dependent on the chemical(s) you're concerned with. Attach the bezel to the front, secure with screws... or if you're concerned with aesthetics, you can secure from the back side.