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How to make an extrude for a simple sketch? (Creo/Elements)

By Nick Karpasitis on 05 Feb 21:55 4 answers 0 comments

I am making a con rod using the tutorial on Grabcad for solidworks V12 engine, and I want to extrude this sketch. When I extrude the sketch it makes an extrude just of the lines them self, but I want it to extrude a solid body. How do I do this?


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4 answers

  • Nick Karpasitis
    Nick Karpasitis over 3 years ago

    I found out there was a line which was not connected, so that was why it did not generate a solid. I have completed the part now. Thanks

  • Damini Jaiswal
    Damini Jaiswal over 3 years ago

    As per the image, all lines are connected. what you did ; you select surface extrusion. You will find just above placement option two blocks are there. One of this is for solid modeling and another for surface modelling and in you image you were selected surface modeling. That's what the problem.

  • shashank maheshwari
    shashank maheshwari about 3 years ago

    hello nick
    click solid modeling in extrusion intsead of will convert to solid after that.

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