How to make analysis of this???

I have this rotor which rotates on the shaft at 20,000 rpm (reaches this rpm after 3 minutes) in a closed chamber and the chamber is refrigerated to 0 degree during this 3 minute. so how to run this analysis???can anyone provide with steps??..Analysis is critical as the material is aluminum.

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Ok, i've actually made my own test file and successfully run an FEA on it. I'll upload the file but list the key steps here as well.

1. Model Part
2. New Static Study
3. Apply correct fixtures (Roller/slider where base of part attaches to motor, and an advanced fixture, on cylindrical faces with no translation allowed)
4. Apply Load (Centrifugal, Metric, 20,000 RPM)
5. Mesh and Materials
6. Solve

If you can't get it to work let me know.

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I'm not 100% on the operating range of aluminium, but i don't think the temperature will adversely effect it.

If i was doing this i would first try and get it to work with a frequency simulation (Fixed displacement in the middle, but free to rotate). If that doesn't work i would calculate some rough forces to be expected and then apply this force around the edge of the part with the same boundary conditions.

Any chance you could upload the file?

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