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How to make animated GIFs in Solidworks 2012 ?

By José Barbosa on 14 Jul 10:55 4 answers 2 comments

For instance, I want the airplane proppeler to spin, on my uploaded picture.

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4 answers

  • Stephen Nyberg
    Stephen Nyberg over 4 years ago

    Similar to what reza said, you could just do about 5 renders where you only move the prop a little and use something like photoshop to make a gif out of them.

  • Reza Allahyari
    Reza Allahyari over 4 years ago

    You must first create animations in Solidworks. And save it (avi ,mp4 ,mkv). then with other software( Photoshop) to convert it to (gif)

  • H.U.Manupriya
    H.U.Manupriya over 4 years ago

    Hi, also you can use online video to .gif converter. Its impossible in solidworks.

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