how to make auto update of bill of material in Drawing in Creo

how to make the auto update BOm in drawings for the big assemblies in creo?
now i am manually entering the part name and qty everything but i want make it automatically the parts which are all use in assembly should come in this BOM.


Bom Should be in A-Z wordings after z ,it should continue with AA,AB like this.

Please explain me how to do this?

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1 Answer

Create tables of required columns and two rows(one row is for header & another one for smart cells). Enter header for 1st row (S.No., Part Name, etc,.). Select the second row by select row method. Right click on GUI, Click option 'Add repeat region'. If you double click on an empty cell parameters are displayed. For click rpt-index, for part name asm-mbr-name. After giving the parameters, Click Table>Repeat Regions. In menu click Update Tables. Table will be updated automatically. For sorting A-Z, in TBL Regions menu, select SORT REGION, Click Add, from SORT ORDER, choose Foreward.

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