how to make blank development(flatten) for irregular components using solidworks or catia??

my part is like image attached

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2 Answers

That looks a little like a sheet metal part, but it most likely won't convert and unfold properly due to some of the features. This is just a guess though, as the image is a bit small, and hard to see details on.

If it is truly a sheet metal part, try the sheet metal tutorial in the solidworks help menu. It will get you in the right direction.

If sheet metal does not work due to the part being bent in two directions (buckling, not bending), then you can try the Flatten Surface tool in solidworks. It is only in some releases, so you'll first need to determine if you have the tool based on your version of the program. The help file has some details.

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Like Fred said: since this is a sheetmetal part, CATIA's sheetmetal workbench could be used to make the 3D model and then unfold it into it's flat, developed shape.

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