How to make car in Catia?

do i have to create a car in surfacing as a whole including tyres lights mirrors side mirrors. or i have to assemble this outer body. also,i want to know for modelling car ,i have to create chassis and all the other parts and then the outer body in it.

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I am not shure about your intnion. If you want to model a real car: it is not possible that one person is doing the job of hundreds of engineers. The real process constructing a Car is very, very complex.
If you want to enhance your CATIA skills in GSD, FSS, ... there is very good tutorial here:


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u need to use surfacing for making a car in any sofware. tyres can be modelled in part design, mirrors and lights has to be in surfacing. get in contact wid me, i'll surely help u out. :)

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i would suggest you to go the link below. follow these steps and add it to your imagination.
you will make the surface from it
then make tyres in part files and assemble them
good luck

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