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how to make chamfer on 2 corners with different dimensions

By Janis Skrastins on 10 Oct 13:52 5 answers 1 comment

Hello everyone!
ABB ACS880 control panel is in the upper corner of the groove, like in the picture
, I'm trying to do it in different ways, but I do not get a similar chamfer :(.

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5 answers

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder about 3 years ago

    I would forget chamfering......make two sketches on two different planes, than do a ( feature) lofted boss base thus connecting the two sketches

  • Philip LaRoach
    Philip LaRoach about 3 years ago

    Here's a different approach, not the most effective, but works


    with-chamfer.SLDPRT, 239 KB
  • sohail khan
    sohail khan about 3 years ago

    first of all you must select one edge apply chamfer on it and then select other edge and then apply chamfer on it

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