how to make counter with panels on outside that can join with mitres and be flat packed to be made

i am drawing a reception counter and i have had many hurdles with planes ect:i am not sure if i have taken right approaches but basically i have a complicated front that has multiple angles on different plains that need panels for front and sides i want all panels to have equal miters if anyone has a good approach for building such a thing i would be very grateful the end product i want to achieve is my sketch, i started with 3d drawing but found exctuding panels was a pain in the butt so then i left as construction geometry and inserted planes on each angle to make bosses then all joins were out because of various angles i'm sure there must be a simple way to approach this drawing but i'm still learning jcu counter was my first attempt but made a mistake early on with back corner meant to be vertical, second attempt (jcu test) started with frame and intended to work my way out but found that the joining issue was worse i would continue to work on first but the sizes dont match the frame i wanted (Jcu test)... i humble myself before the cad gods i ask for there wisdom

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