How to make dent in part workbench in catia?

I want make a dent in a plastic part as shown in attached.
How to make the same in part workbench of Catia software?
I can't go for stiffening rib command of sheet metal workbench, because my part material is plastic not sheet metal.
Please suggest.

1 Answer

There is no tool in CATIA's Part Design that matches what is in Sheet Metal. You have to add the dent manually.

The basic steps I would use with CATIA Part Design:

1. Pad the V-shaped flanges
2. Pad the outside of the gusset (dent)
3. Pocket the inside of the gusset
4. Add fillets to round off the sharp edges

For me, the trick for steps 2 & 3 was to sketch the V-shape profiles of the gusset in a sketch plane that is perpendicular to the gusset.

(sorry I don't have access to CATIA right now to include some pictures)