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How to make Ferrari fxx body in SolidWorks?

By Hamza Boulkrar on 17 May 19:32 26 answers 5478 views 8 comments

full tutorial
Model: ferrari fxx tutorial

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26 answers

  • G15
    G15 over 4 years ago

    Great work, Hamza! I wish, there would be more engineers like you, sharing fantastic modells and their Knowledge, making great tutorials....
    instead of uploading only renderings and acting "I like your - you like mine...."

  • sean
    sean over 4 years ago

    how do you expect ppl to learn from that?

  • 2ea76538
    2ea76538 over 4 years ago

    this is very hard to follow man I cant tell how you created the curves or some of the surfaces.

  • Verislav Mudrak
    Verislav Mudrak over 4 years ago

    Great tutorial Hamza, congratulations!
    of course it is hard to follow, but all the things that are really good are hard and beautiful

  • KHELLAF Ahmed
    KHELLAF Ahmed over 2 years ago

    ooooooooooooh a great tutorial ............... veeeeeeeeeeeeery nice

  • Layth
    Layth about 4 years ago

    can you just tell me the source of this blueprint ?

  • The LeadeR
    The LeadeR over 1 year ago

    can u make video this steps!

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